Window Spotting 2020

WINDOW spotting is a regular feature for Strathaven Gala Day and this year it is being launched for Xmas.  The features are the same as usual, but this time around sixty local businesses are taking part, with some great prizes on offer.

The aim is not to encourage social gathering, and could reduce unnecessary travel to busier shopping centres when Strathaven shops have proved time and time again that they can serve your needs. A purely online Christmas, essential of course during the current level 4 restrictions, means that all non-essential shops are closed, and could compromise 

the infrastructure that makes Strathaven successful, so the window shopping competition can form part of your Xmas shopping experience in Strathaven once non-essential shops reopen on December 12th. In the meantime look out for unexpected items in shop windows as you take part in your essential shopping from the launch of the competition. This competition is not just great fun for the kids, but re-familiarises adults with the range of businesses on their doorstep.

There are about 60 businesses taking part. Entry forms are available from Craigs Newsagents and on the 

Discover Strathaven website at where you will also find the list of participating businesses. It will run for the whole of December. 

It costs nothing to take part. Just note the foreign object in the window display on your entry form. Really good prizes have been offered by local shops. Just hand in your entry form to Colin Dempster at 39 Bridge Street by 7th January or drop it into the Echoes postbox in Roasted. You can enter even if you haven’t completed all sixty items. Enjoy the challenge and Merry Christmas!

To download the follow just click the Download button below: