COVID-19 Support in Avondale

A number of groups are coordinating community support across Avondale, supporting communities in Strathaven, Glassford, Chapelton, Sandford, Gilmourton and Drumclog. Groups include Strathaven Evangelical Church Foodbank, Outreach Community Church, Strathaven and Glassford Community Council, Strathaven Business Association, Glassford Community Group and Avondale LEAP.

The groups have been working closely with VASLan and Home Energy Scotland, which is helping identify how best to support people in Energy need (see leaflet below).

The groups are being supported by a fund managed by Strathaven and Glassford Community Council, using funds donated by Banks Renewables and Falck Renewables.

The Strathaven Community Resilience Group is also offering community support with the contact details on the form below.

To date the groups have helped in a number of ways, with funding from the Strathaven and Glassford Community Council. In addition, Strathaven Golf Club donated over 300 cans of soft drinks and boxes of crisps to the OCC for distribution.

  1. Strathaven’s Foodbank, operated by Strathaven Evangelical Church has been delivering a minimum of 10 food parcels per week. It is trying to reach out to as many people in need as possible. If you are in need or know someone in need please get in touch by calling one of the numbers on the leaflet below.
  2. A free meal delivery service on Sundays, operated by Outreach Community Church. On the first weekend, May 17th 102 meals were delivered and the numbers are expected to grow to around 140 on May 24th. On Friday May 22nd the OCC also handed out over 30 Youth Parcels.
  3. Glassford Community Group’s support for frontline workers has seen 15 nominees awarded £25 vouchers for the Steayban, part funded from the CC Fund. It has also collected and delivered around 25 prescriptions.
  4. Avondale Young Farmers have collected and delivered around 150 prescriptions across the community.
  5. Printing and distribution of a leaflet promoting the work of local community groups and encouraging people in need to get in touch (see below). 1100 have already been handed out to local shops and businesses for distribution to customers.
  6. The local production of 250 visors for distribution across our community to groups, individuals and businesses. 77 visor have already been handed round businesses in Strathaven and Glassford with more available as required.

The visors were produced in Strathaven as part of a collaboration between Gary Tompsett and the University of Glasgow (which donated the brow frames). There being modelled below by Arthur and Emma from Roasted.

Sainsbury’s has set up a trolley for donations to Strathaven’s Foodbank and we would encourage shoppers to donate in this way whilst doing their shopping. To start off the trolley, Sainsbury’s in Strathaven donated £100 of items for distribution.

The leaflet below is being distributed across the community to advise of help available.

The groups have established links with the local health centre, VASLan, Home Energy Scotland amongst others. The image below is on the reverse of the leaflet being distributed.

And in the latest development, Creative Strathaven CIC has been funded to produce art kits for distribution around the community.

The Art Kits are going to be completely free and the plan is that we’ll be using Frets Creative unit in Barn Street Mews as a distribution centre where you can pick up your Kit (social distancing measures will be put in place). 

Once we’ve got the final numbers, etc, we’ll give you more information on how to get your kit. All you need to do is fill out the poll by clicking the link below (it’s completely anonymous) and let Creative Strathaven CIC know whether or not you’re interested.

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